Ninja Blade

I’m going to be brief, since the game really doesn’t deserve much in the way of words.  It’s really, truly, stupendously dumb.  Each time I played, and just wanted that level to be over, so I could put the game down.  I ended up giving up on the second-to-last fight because I just couldn’t stand it any more.

Its greatest sins include: The lack of hard save points within levels, so you can’t break of a play-session during a level, only between, without losing significant progress.  An obsession with using low, distant camera angles during boss fights such that you have no depth perception, and so can’t tell if you’re close enough to hit the boss, or if you’re too close, or if you’re jumping off the front of the roof where the fight is taking place.  Boss fights that last way too long, and actually aren’t very well constructed, especially for a game that devotes so much time to them.  Locking you in place when you use a ranged attack – especially annoying is your fireball falls off the side of a building, so you have to wait until it impacts the distant floor of the level before you can move again.  Allowing me to sink upgrade points on a weapon that will eventually be jumped to its maximum level automatically, and then not rebating those points back to me.  An over-dependance on timed objectives and quasi-escort missions.  Accidentally catching the corner of an adjacent button once during a button-poinding QTE causing failure.

In conclusion, not a fun game.  Occasionally, its moments of ridiculousness are amusing, but even the best of those are front-end loaded.  Quit after level three if you have the misfortune to play it.

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