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Shadows of the Damned

What a delightful game. It’s a real shame it didn’t sell well. It manages to pull of the trick of being vulgar and juvenile, but still hilarious. I haven’t played Bulletstorm yet, myself, but I find it funny that this is the second conspicuously penis-obsessed game this year that’s come out well. Unlike Dante’s Inferno it’s willing to revel in how silly it is, and unlike Duke Nukem Forever it manages to be actually be funny, rather than merely gross and exploitative. Johnson is the second best talking skull in gaming history. Continue reading

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L.A. Noire

Early in the process of playing LA Noire, right around when I finished the Traffic Desk, I took some notes on how I was feeling about the game. It’s interesting to look back on them and compare my early impressions to how I feel about the game now, having finished it. Continue reading

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It’s a neat puzzle-platformer. I didn’t think it was a particularly revelatory experience. I didn’t like it nearly as much as I liked Braid. Continue reading

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Oblivion and Dragon Age 2

I’ve been playing a lot of Oblivion recently. I’ve had the game since it’s release, but I didn’t get into it in the past because it didn’t run well on my old PC, and because I kept getting distracted by the quirks of the leveling system, and because the whole thing felt too big and aimless. I re-bought the game on Steam some time last year, modded out anything I didn’t like, and now I’m having a ton of fun. Continue reading

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