Deus Ex Boss Fights: Addendum

In my last entry, I forgot to mention another bizarre quirk of the second boss-fight, the one who charges straight at Jensen. When she’s close enough, it’ll put up the button-prompt for a melee takedown. The rest of the game trained me that if I saw this prompt, I should go for it. It’s a one-hit kill on every normal enemy in the game. I obviously didn’t expect it to be a one-hit kill on the boss, but, given that it’s resource intensive to perform (it uses a full bar of energy) I expected it to have some effect. Well, it does have an effect. Triggering the attack costs the energy as normal, but the boss counters the attack, doesn’t appear to take any damage, and hurts Jensen in return. It goes against all video game common sense to pop up a button prompt for a quick-time sequence right at an intense moment (ie. as the boss is barreling down on me) and then make going for that prompt be detrimental. It’s just plain rude.

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