Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood 2

Played another 90 minutes or so. Still don’t like it very much, but to some extent I think it’s because I’m being hyper-critical since I got off on the wrong foot with the game. Anyways, I took some notes while I was playing, and here they are:

-cut the difficulty down to Normal; game is now a cakewalk, so…good job Techland on calibrating that
-failed a “defend the line” objective once because I got turned around and never made it anywhere near the line
-failed it a second time because both AI allies died, even though all the enemies were also dead, and the game was in the process of checking the objective off as completed
-keeps objective location indicator onscreen at all times, even when it’s completely unnecessary, like when it’s attached to a cannon that I’m currently using
-speaking of that cannon, the aiming reticule for it turns red when pointed straight at enemies, even though shots arc, and so if I fired that shot it would miss
-pulled the classic ploy of making me fight to an objective, then, once I reach it, have a bunch of allies stroll in from the opposite direction seeming like they did nothing, and then have the allies disappear immediately after the cutscene, when I could have used their help with the defense objective
-hate everything about the dead-eye system
-the fact that the brothers have two slightly different systems, and then there’s a third different one for when they do it at the same time is confusing and redundant
-the HUD indicator is awful – both the way it pops up – it greys out the whole screen while blowing up the icon for it – terribly distracting – as is the countdown on the meter – animated HUD icons like that are almost always bad – they draw focus away from the action
-Hit detection is spotty, especially when dealing with enemies behind cover
-one particular enemy behind a crate in a tent appears to be invulnerable except from the side, even when he pokes his head out
-figured out what’s so wrong about the blur effect when aiming that I complained about last time – it blurs everything that isn’t at the same depth as what the reticule is pointing at, so if you try to aim at an enemy, but instead aim at the piece of cover in front of him, cover stays in focus, but enemy gets blurred
-it shows real confidence in your cut-scenes when, throughout the entirety of them, there’s a big “Press Start to Skip” prompt in the corner of the screen
-should never get a prompt that offers to “replace weapon x with weapon x” – that’s just silly
-weird, awkward stealth sequence in a cornfield
-walking through field is jittery – I assume that’s because I’m bumping off of and pathing around corn stalks
-stealth is busted – stand up and enemies immediately spot you, even if their back was to you
-there’s no sound of brushing through the corn, even when you run, even though the field looks bone-dry
-if the enemy are going to use fire to drive me out of the cornfield, it would help if the fire propagated so that the field actually burned, rather than just the fence adjacent to it
-so I got a horse, and then there was a gunfight, and then I wasn’t on the horse any more – there was no intervening cut scene or anything
-I guess the horse must have gotten shot out from under me, but it didn’t leave a body, and besides, that’s not the sort of thing that should be able to happen without me noticing
-buddy AI is suspect – one time it got me killed because it didn’t use the available gattling gun next to the cannon I was on.
-all really makes me appreciate just how much effort must have gone into making Half Life 2, and especially its episodes, work right
-don’t tell me I can search houses for loot, and then immediately warn me not to “leave my brother behind” when I go to do so, especially since I’m not leaving him behind, he’s leaving me behind

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