Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood: One Last Time

So I played one more mission, and then decided to just pack it in. How this got a reputation as a competent shooter, and why anyone had any positive expectations for The Cartel, is hard to figure. I suppose it’s possible that the story of three brothers got to the like of Justin McElroy. But I’ve got brothers of my own, and the story did nothing for me. Anyways, I took some more notes. Enjoy!

-Is this the marshal, or the sheriff, or the deputy that I’m dueling? The game has used all three to describe the man in the space of thirty seconds.

-Another brown, muddy, foggy mess of a level. What a surprise!

-If the shopkeeper says “Wanna buy, or rob?” then you damn well better give me the option to rob him. Otherwise, why would you even bring it up?

-Speaking of the weapon shop, every chapter up to this point has reset my weapons. Why would I spend money on a new gun when I can’t trust the game to let me keep it?

-The “you’re being shot at” indicator shows up even for shots that don’t and can’t hit you, through walls and cover, and it’s far more prominent than the “you’re taking damage” indicator. This is bad. You’re overloading me with irrelevant information and obscuring the most important information.

-Where’d that third horse come from? That stagecoach was pulled by two horses, but now all three brothers have horses.

-I don’t understand the dueling mechanic. What motion of the right stick is it looking for? Given that we already have three quick-shot mechanics already, do we really need another one?

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