Miscellaneous Links!

We open with the tale of the man who just had to have sex on a bed of moon-rocks.

One of the darkly funniest Onion videos in a long time: Dead Wife and Kids Replaced by Miniature Horses.

Misconceptions about the Middle Ages. They did not all have bad teeth and breath (which makes sense since people weren’t eating a fair amount of fresh produce and not much sugar).

Via Chris Remo’s twitter, we have a really smart Raph Koster article about the role of narrative in game design.

While I was skeptical of the recently released Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning in my previous article, I do find this interview Sean “Day 9” Plott did with lead designer Ken Rolston interesting. I like how Rolston encourages players to have fun playing on the edge and trying to break the game.

And lastly, via Susan Arendt’s twitter, it’s Boots and Cats:

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