Miscellaneous Links! The Return

My bookmarks folder for this feature is overflowing, which is definitely a sign that I need to do this more often.

To open, this was requested just yesterday by Justin McElroy, and was promptly created and revised by Julian Murdoch and Cory Banks of GWJ: Is Doctor Who Back? (be sure to click to find out).

From BoingBoing, we have famous renaissance paintings with the nudes replaced by a giant orange tabby cat.

Via Andrew Sullivan, some interesting thoughts on the way language shapes decision making.

Via Chris Remo, an essay discussing how the Zelda franchise, almost from the start, has progressively drifted away from the things that made the original game great. While the Zelda franchise provides a particularly extreme case, there’s a lot in there that’s relevant to how games in general have changed over the years.

A particularly amusing xkcd: Good Cop, Dadaist Cop.

Via Slate, the best Washington Post correction ever, and the correction to the best Washington Post correction ever.

A classic Onion headline.

Because we don’t have anything political yet this week: Who said it? Ayatollah Khamenei or Rick SantorumBarrack Obama or George W. Bush?

And, for our closing video, a great live performance by The Decemberists:

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