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Some Musings on Magic: The Gathering

I’ve been watching a lot of Magic: The Gathering play recently. It’s pretty much replaced Starcraft as my strategy game of choice to watch right now. It started with Loading Ready Run, but I’ve since also moved on to watching a couple of competitive players who live-streamer on Twitch (I like Samuel Black and Joel Larsson, in particular). Unlike Starcraft, I’m actually considering making the jump over to playing. So I want to spend a couple of entries talking about what aspects of the game I find appealing, and what is keeping me away (beyond just my usual introversion). Continue reading

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It’s good but not great. It falls prey to the usual point-and-click peril, where you get stuck because you don’t realize that some particular thing is interactable. It’s made worse than usual here because the character moves slowly and can … Continue reading

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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Conclusions

[See my early impressions here] It turns out that I had left off last time mere minutes before the first jump-pack sequence. These are really where the game comes alive. Instantly the control scheme makes more sense. The lugubrious roll … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Links!

Still catching up, so these are not particularly timely, but they’re still mostly timeless. (Wow…that’s a really gross sentence, but so much so that I want to leave it there and admire its awfulness.) From Buzzfeed, via Susan Arendt’s twitter, … Continue reading

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Doomsday Book

Another really good Connie Willis novel. I think I like it even better than Lincoln’s Dreams. It continues to amaze me that this woman has now won three Hugo awards and I’d never heard of her until last year. Continue reading

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Mass Effect 3: Thane’s Prayer

None of the new companions from Mass Effect 2 return as crew-mates in Mass Effect 3. This is quite disappointing. Many of them do get good cameos, at least. My favourite of the lot has to be Thane’s. Funnily enough, Thane is not a character I cared about much in Mass Effect 2. I’d put him on the same level as Jacob and Miranda; another bland character with parental issues (though in this case, he’s the parent rather than the child). But here, this time, it worked. Continue reading

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Warhammer 40k: Space Marine: Early Impressions

I’m about an hour in, and it’s already seems clear that my thoughts are going to be pretty in line with the consensus. It’s a competent but unspectacular shooter with some questionable health mechanics. Continue reading

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