Miscellaneous Links!

Still catching up, so these are not particularly timely, but they’re still mostly timeless. (Wow…that’s a really gross sentence, but so much so that I want to leave it there and admire its awfulness.)

From Buzzfeed, via Susan Arendt’s twitter, we have Cats as Fonts.

Some interesting musings in the Economist about the relationship between the individual and the family and the state in Nordic countries, and in particular that the Nordic countries are not so much leftist as that their people have sufficient trust that their governments can be the guarantors of their freedoms.

A Better Book Titles survey of children’s literature.

Via Andrew Sullivan, research indicating that before the 18th century, it was common for sleep to be in two four-hour intervals separated by a couple of hours of wakefulness, and the possibility that our minds and bodies may be better suited to this sleeping pattern.

It’s a little old now, but here’s a NY Magazine article on how the GOP primary has laid bare the divisions within the party. (Of course, if Romney wins in November, all will be forgotten. But if he loses, how badly will things fall apart?)

A great Onion headline.

Via Ryan Davis’ twitter, a hilarious write-up of a bizarre Muppets tv special from 1983. The moral of the piece: “Big Bird overpowers the will of gods and demons in a quest for celestial justice.”

And lastly, for our video entry, via io9, 15 minutes of Worf having all his ideas and input rejected on TNG:

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