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Crysis 2: Early Impressions

The two games I’ve got rented right now are Crysis 2 and Dark Void. I’m about a third of the way through Crysis, but it’s been slow going, so I’m putting it on hold while I barrel through Dark Void. It’s interesting: both games are shooters with enhanced mobility mechanics, but beyond that, there’s not a lot that’s similar between the two. Continue reading

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Games Miscellany: SSX, Diablo 3 and Crusader Kings 2

SSX I finally sent SSX back. My thoughts on it haven’t really changed since I last wrote about it. Some of the core snowboarding is fun, but when more than half the tracks are designed to punish risk-taking rather than … Continue reading

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Further Musings on Magic: Dark Ascension and Innistrad versus Avacyn Restored

The Magic format I’ve been watching the most has been Dark Ascension-Innistrad-Innistrad drafts (that is, the first pack of the draft is from the Dark Ascension set, and the other two are from Innistrad, henceforth, DII) and I’ve fallen in love with it. The draft itself feels well-structured in terms of the decks it encourages, and the games the format produces are tense, fast-paced and entertaining to watch. And, sadly, this format is largely going away soon. In its placed will be a triple-Avacyn Restored format, Avacyn Restored being a new set that, while it’s billed as a companion set with Innistrad and Dark Ascension, it features significantly different mechanics, and while the jury is still out, my first impression is that both the drafts and the games it produces will be rather less interesting. Continue reading

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