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Magic: The Gathering: Dragon’s Maze Prerelease

I’ve talked about Magic a bit in the past and I got off my butt again a couple weekends ago and played some. I don’t seem to have written about it at the time, but I played in an M13 pre-release … Continue reading

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Games of the Year 2011, Part 2

There are two obvious absences from this list. I haven’t played Skyrim yet. Oblivion did eventually get its claws into me in a big way, and there’s every chance Skyrim will do the same when I get around to it. Also, The Witcher 2 almost certainly deserves a spot on this list. I’m playing it now, and I’m really liking it. It feels messy and complicated in a way that the Bioware RPGs never are. I am playing the console version, which came out in 2012, so perhaps I’ll be able to sneak it onto next year’s list.

Without further adieu, here’s the rest of the 2011 list: Continue reading

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Games of the Year 2011, Part 1

I’m getting this up a little late this year, but it’s just as well since I played a couple of qualifying games over the holidays that definitely deserve their spots on the list. To explain this list: I play games on a fairly idiosyncratic schedule, and tend not to play a lot of games just as they come out. So to give as many games their due as reasonable, I do these lists on a one-year delay. So these are my favourite games that were released in 2011. Continue reading

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Spec Ops: the Line and Player Identity

When we play a video game, who are we supposed to be within the game? Are we merely supposed to relate to the character we’re controlling, or should we actually think of ourselves as being that character? And to what extent should we feel morally culpable for the acts that our avatar in the commits? Continue reading

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Syndicate: How to Make a Poor First Impression

There are two basic things a shooter can do to make a good early impression on me: let me configure the controls, and let me easily experiment with difficulty settings so I can find the one that works for me. … Continue reading

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Diablo 3: The Auction House

I enjoy Diablo 3 greatly and have played lots and lots of it, both solo and in groups, since its release. But there are flaws. I’m going to talk about two little ones, and one big one today. Continue reading

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Dark Void

This is not a good game. It’s a shame, because it’s got some fun ideas in it, but it just gets too much of the fundamentals wrong. Continue reading

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