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Games of the Year 2011, Part 1

I’m getting this up a little late this year, but it’s just as well since I played a couple of qualifying games over the holidays that definitely deserve their spots on the list. To explain this list: I play games on a fairly idiosyncratic schedule, and tend not to play a lot of games just as they come out. So to give as many games their due as reasonable, I do these lists on a one-year delay. So these are my favourite games that were released in 2011. Continue reading

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The Best Older Games I Played in 2011

While the focus this week is on 2010 games, I do want to take a day to talk about older games that I only got around to playing in this past year. Continue reading

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Alpha Protocol: Early Impressions

A game can get a lot of things right in terms of narrative flexibility and character development, but if the core minute-to-minute gameplay isn’t enjoyable, then that game is not going to leave a good impression upon me. Such is the case with Alpha Protocol, at least in the early going. I’m two missions past the tutorial, and this really does feel like an action-stealth game made by people who have no real idea how to make a game in this genre. It really puts the game in a negative light when compared to contemporary games with similar mechanics, especially Mass Effect 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolutions, that are far more competently put together. Continue reading

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Deus Ex Boss Fights: Addendum

I forgot to mention another bizarre quirk of the second boss-fight, the one who charges straight at Jensen. When she’s close enough, it’ll put up the button-prompt for a melee takedown. The rest of the game trained me that if I saw this prompt, I should go for it. It’s a one-hit kill on every normal enemy in the game. I obviously didn’t expect it to be a one-hit kill on the boss, but, given that it’s resource intensive to perform (it uses a full bar of energy) I expected it to have some effect. Well, it does have an effect. Triggering the attack costs the energy as normal, but the boss counters the attack, doesn’t appear to take any damage, and hurts Jensen in return. It goes against all video game common sense to pop up a button prompt for a quick-time sequence right at an intense moment (ie. as the boss is barreling down on me) and then make going for that prompt be detrimental. It’s just plain rude. Continue reading

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Deus Ex: Human Revolutions: The Boss Fights

As I said last time I wrote about Human Revolutions, they suck. Badly. But I think it’s important not just to leave it there, but to go into some detail about what, exactly, is wrong with them. Continue reading

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Deus Ex: Human Revolutions

I completely missed the original Deus Ex back when it came out. In preparation for Human Revolutions I caught up and played the first few levels. And the impression that I came away from it with was that they just don’t make them like this any more. The opening Liberty Island level deserves its iconic status and then some. There’s something about just being dropped in a level, and given a goal, and then having the game trust me to figure it out from there. Even if there are really only two physical routes into the Statue (the ground level at the front and the entrance high at the back) there is such a density of side-pockets to explore, and different tools to try. It never feels like the game is preferencing one approach over another, like it’s a puzzle to be solved. But at the same time, the game has its characters comment on the player’s decisions, which makes the choices feel consequential in a way they wouldn’t otherwise. Continue reading

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