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The Two Conflicting Halves of SSX

SSX has two games inside it – an original, single-player design and a much more interesting score-chasing multiplayer game that I suspect was added later. Unfortunately, some key, seemingly-minor decisions made to make the single-player game work led to some really bad choices that hurt the multiplayer. Continue reading

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Driver: San Francisco

I rented Driver: San Francisco after seeing it show up on a number of best of 2011 lists, and I have to say, I just don’t quite get it. For the most part, the game is a competent open-world driving game. There are two unusual aspects to it: the shifting mechanic that allows for taking over different cars on the fly, and that it’s a driving game that actually makes an attempt at having a story. And while the core gameplay is solid and both these ideas are implemented pretty well, the whole thing never really clicked with me. Continue reading

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It’s well designed, with a lot of smart ideas in it, but it was more frustrating than fun to play. Despite having tracks that are far more active than an average racing game, there’s not enough variety to keep things interesting, either in the track-design or in the variety of events. Continue reading

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