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Games of the Year 2011, Part 2

There are two obvious absences from this list. I haven’t played Skyrim yet. Oblivion did eventually get its claws into me in a big way, and there’s every chance Skyrim will do the same when I get around to it. Also, The Witcher 2 almost certainly deserves a spot on this list. I’m playing it now, and I’m really liking it. It feels messy and complicated in a way that the Bioware RPGs never are. I am playing the console version, which came out in 2012, so perhaps I’ll be able to sneak it onto next year’s list.

Without further adieu, here’s the rest of the 2011 list: Continue reading

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Quick Hits: Steam Sale 2011, Week 2

Another week has passed. I played a bunch more games for achievements. While all my achievement attempts were successful last week, this week there were two failures. Nonetheless, I played a lot of games, some old and some new, and learned a lot. Continue reading

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It’s well designed, with a lot of smart ideas in it, but it was more frustrating than fun to play. Despite having tracks that are far more active than an average racing game, there’s not enough variety to keep things interesting, either in the track-design or in the variety of events. Continue reading

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This is, as it turns out, pretty much the perfect game for me. I’ve put a scary number of hours into it since I picked it up on a lark during the last big Steam sale. It’s got that magical formula of great puzzle games: assembling elementary tools in order to accomplish a complex task. There’s an incentive to refine a solution as well – to not merely complete a puzzle, but to complete it well – since scores for solutions are compared between friends, as well as the world at large. Continue reading

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